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Mia Doherty

I have great teamwork skills and am passionate about achieving the interests of my peers. I am passionate about social justice movements and human rights. I believe that student associations are key to providing support to students and would love the opportunity to be part of USALSA.

Anis Gul Ehsani

I would love to work with such a diverse group of students. I have worked in the administration department for months. I am passionate to do my best to give the students a remarkable experience, learn & understand different cultures. what sets me apart is my work ethic and integrity.

Ryan Girardi

Hi, Ryan here.

I’m a final year law student at UniSA studying a double degree in Laws and Business. I’ve been a part of USALSA before, so I know the ins and outs. I’ve also helped run student associations in the past, being a treasurer and secretary of the Iowa Lakes Student Senate from 2018-19.

Being a law student at UniSA is an amazing achievement, and something to be proud of. That said, I feel that USALSA and UniSA can do so much more to improve your law school experience and to enjoy the social side of studying law.

I aim to lead USALSA in providing great value to students. I’ll leverage connections to provide law school merch that you’re proud to wear on the bus and on campus. We’ll continue running great competitions and compete on the national stage in ALSA comps. We’ll aim to have regular events, networking opportunities, fundraising events, and informal hangouts to promote an inclusive and connected cohort.

We’ll proactively seek out clerkship opportunities to give you a taste of practice, as these are invaluable to getting the most from your degree!

As President, I will be approachable and present. I will work with you to provide a student association that gives back to you and gets you the most from your degree!

Emily Valk

My name is Emily and I want to be the 2023 USALSA President. My focus for next year is to ensure USALSA is working alongside the student body and the faculty so that our voices are heard in matters directly affecting our degree and the way in which we participate. With the upcoming changes to the program, the semester timetable and the switch to online learning, it is more important than ever to have a President that will stand up for students and bring student feedback to the table.

At the same time, I want to create a fun environment where students feel safe and as though their committee really represents their student cohort. In 2023, the committee I run will put a strong emphasis on social and educational aspects of the university experience. We will aim to use our vast network to bring you not only educational opportunities but also future career and personal networking opportunities both within UniSA and external. I look forward to helping the committee organise fantastic events throughout the year for you to socialise and meet with friends including opening party, wine tour, law ball, trivia night and many more.

Having participated in the committee this year I have a thorough understanding of the association and look forward to helping the committee reach and engage with more students. 2022 was a challenging year for UniSA students as we began to live with a new norm for studying and I look forward to taking what we have learnt from 2022 and applying it to 2023 to deliver Law students a committee that represents and advocates for their success.

Claudia Raschella

I believe I should be selected for a position involving the activities sector or marketing element of the committee. After the past 2 years at UniSA I have noticed there is a further need to involve students and better the events and activities USALSA offers. I am dedicated, extremely organised / creative, and would be an asset to the team.

The University of South Australia Law Students' Assoiation proudly stands on Kaurna Land. We recognise the cultural heritage, history and beliefs of the Kaurna People and pay respect to them in everything that we do.

Studying your law degree at UniSA means you are offered many exciting opportunities during your time here. USALSA, as the sole representative body for law students is here to make sure you leave your law school experience feeling prepared, confident and having had the some of the best years of your student life.

This website is the main access point for all things USALSA and UniSA Law related and will keep you up to date with opportunities within your studies, extra-curricular activities and social events.

The team at USALSA wishes you the very best for your studies and hope we can contribute to making your time at UniSA one of the very best.

Welcome to the UniSA Law Students' Association.

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The Monthly Memo is a brand new initiative brought by the 2022 USALSA Committee to helo you stay informed about the things happening within the university as well as opportunities that may be available to you outside of your studies.

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