Meet the Committee.

The UniSA Law Students' Association committee is dedicated to promoting a stable fixture at the UniSA School of Law that offers diverse learning opportunities employers will look for. We are your representatives.

Executive Committee.

Nicole Bosworth

Mobile: 0408 033 865Email:

Lauren Knappstein

Vice President (Finance)
Mobile: 0412 943 286Email:

Emily Valk

Vice President (Administration)
Mobile: 0468 434 449Email:

Brielle Tilbrook

Vice President (Education)
Mobile: 0426 390 244Email:

Roxanne Davari

Vice President (Activities)
Mobile: 0435 255 738Email:

General Committee.

Chloe Cornelius-Inge

Director of Careers

Eva Nikou

Director of Activities

Alycia Millar

Director of Competitions

Catherine Thomas

Director of Marketing

Vincenzo Triulcio

Director of Social Justice

Gabriella Scarpantoni

Director of Sponsorship

Eiesha de la Cuesta

Activities Officer

Bella Hirkic

Careers Officer

Yasha Kaura

Competitions Officer

Eva Manatakis

Finance Officer

Lucy Tucker

Marketing Officer

Tristan Chong

Marketing Officer


First Year Representative