Careers by USALSA.

We provide many opportunities throughout the year for you to have face-to-face conversations with your potential employers — to make sure you're connected and informed of the many experiences awaiting you throughout your degree, and in your career afterwards.

Careers Portfolio 2022.

2022 Careers Portfolio: Bella Hirkic, Brielle Tilbrook, Chloe Cornelius-Inge

The USALSA Careers Team is responsible for the publications, events and resources relating to your development as a student and professional. Our aim is always to produce the most relevant and helpful information that relates to your success through law school and how to translate these successes into your entry into the occupation of your choosing, with a keen focus on the legal profession.

You can look forward to the following initatives this year:

  • Tri-varsity Law Fair

  • Skills Building Series (3 volume)

  • Skills Building Night

  • Clerkship Guide 2022

  • Uniform Clerkship Scheme

  • Ask a Clerk Seminar

  • Careers Guide 2022

  • Speed Networking Night