Annabelle Tang and Elena Aloi

2021 Negotiation Champions

The Negotiation competition is open to all students studying a Law or Legal Studies degree.

The competition aims to replicate a real-life negotiation. There are a set of common facts for both parties. There are also confidential facts for each side which outline each party’s negotiating parameters and bargaining points. The aim is to reach the best outcome for the client and ideally create a solution to some or all of the issues.

The Negotiation competition runs in Study Period 2. It involves two teams of two, discussing and negotiating, a fictitious scenario. The teams have 50 minutes to negotiate, intending to reach a solution or agreement. After the 50 minutes, teams reflect privately for 10 minutes and then reflect with the judge for 10 minutes each. Winners will have their name engraved on a shield displayed in the law school to recognise their achievement.