Novice Moot.

Riannon Newton

2021 First Year Moot Champion

Annabelle Tang

2020 First Year Moot Champion

Held in SP5 in 2021, the Novice Moot Competition is open to all first-year students studying a Law or Legal Studies degree.

The competition offers an invaluable experience to develop research, legal writing and advocacy skills. It also offers the opportunity for students to receive valuable guidance from experienced mooters and practitioners.

A moot is a mock court submissions hearing involving two teams, one representing the appellant/plaintiff and one representing the respondent/defendant. It is based on a set of common facts for which both written and oral submissions are prepared and presented to a judge(s).

The moot aims to mimic realistic court advocacy with teams of counsel representing a client in court. The leading barrister and junior counsel, attempt to persuade the judge(s) of the correct application of the law in the case.

The Novice Moot is run in Study Period 5, is tailored to first-year subjects such as contract and tort law and usually contains useful tips. Students will speak for 15 minutes each, and winners will have their name engraved on a shield displayed in the law school to recognise their achievement.