Open Moot

Airdre Mattner

2021 LK Open Moot Winner

The Open Moot is open to all students studying a Law or Legal Studies degree.

A moot is a mock court case involving two teams, one representing the appellant/plaintiff and one representing the respondent/defendant. It is based on a set of common facts for which both written and oral submissions are prepared and presented to a judge(s).

The moot aims to mimic realistic court advocacy with teams of counsel representing a client in court. The leading barrister and junior counsel, attempt to persuade the judge(s) of the correct application of the law in the case.

First, you will prepare written submissions which you will submit to the judge before presenting the oral submissions.

During your oral submissions, the judge(s) can ask questions, including questions about your written submissions. They will often be looking to test your knowledge of the law, so be prepared to engage in a discussion, not just read a script.

The moot will involve multiple legal issues and the division of issues is up to each team. A team usually consists of two people, one being senior counsel and the other junior counsel.

You will have at least a week to prepare both your written and oral submissions. Each competitor receives a score, while scoring is not provided as a team, it is imperative to work as a team. A team effort will lead to presenting stronger arguments. The top four individuals from the Preliminary Round will advance to the Grand Final.

Students will be in teams of two, and speak for a combined time of 40 minutes, including rebuttals. The winning team can be invited to attend The Australian Red Cross and Australian Law Students Association (ALSA) in July, and have their name engraved on a shield displayed in the law school to recognise their achievement.

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