On this page, you will be able to find a number of resources for Competitions. We recommend starting with the Competitions Guide and By-Laws. For more specific explainers on competing, please see the Tips & Tricks Documents. If you have further questions, please email

Competitions Guide.

USALSA Inc. has released its Competitions Guide for 2021. This document will assist you with your preparation for all face-to-face and online competitions.

We hope this guide is of value to you and encourages you to get involved in competitions.

Participation in competitions are of immense benefit to your future legal career. They are highly regarded among firms, and other employers of law students, as one of the best activities that students can undertake while at University.

By competing in competitions, you will have developed a vast array of new skills, specifically communication, confidence, research and advocacy to name a few.

Competitions Mini-Guides.

Competitions By-Laws

The USALSA Competitions By-Laws regulate the way in which our competitions are to be conducted.

In this document, you will find answers to questions about eligibility, appeals scoring, academic integrity and more.

Written Submission Tips & Tricks

Unsure as to how you your written submissions should look for moots?

Find all the answers in this mini guide.

Oral Submission Tips & Tricks

Worried about how you should be presenting your arguments?

Find the answers to all your questions right here.

Appearances Tips & Tricks

Want to know just how to address the court at the start of your submissions?

See this quick guide for all the best advice.

Written Submission Template

Use this document to set out your written submissions for mooting.