Witness Examination

Airdre Mattner

2021 Witness Examination Champion

The Witness Examination competition is open to all students studying a Law or Legal Studies degree.

The competition replicates a trial – criminal or civil. It involves an opening, examination in chief, cross examination of a witness and a closing by each party. The Witness Examination competition is an individual competition, with one person representing the prosecution/plaintiff and one representing the defendant/respondent.

Competitors are provided with a set of common facts, relevant law and two witness statements. The prosecution/plaintiff and the defence/respondent receive one witness statement each.

Witness Examination involves each competitor formulating a case theory and arguing this via the questioning of the witness. Witness examination specifically focuses on advocacy skills and presentation skills. Each side can object at different times during the examination and cross-examine the other side. However, the objections must be justified. Training sessions provide further guidance.

The Witness Examination competition runs in Study Period 5. Winners will have their name engraved on a shield displayed in the law school to recognise their achievement.